My #Bigsteppin Valentine

Valentine’s Day is a day of love, and an unfortunate anniversary. I will forever remember how much I love somebody who gave his life too young (24) so he could protect others from harm.

From sticking up for people at school to working with the Samaritans and Shelter, he was always the go-to guy. He loved too much, too strong, and was too protective of those who – sometimes – didn’t even care about him. Nothing could ever keep him down, he’d take the knocks and see it as life experience. He was somebody who steamrollered his way down the street, always going somewhere, doing something – helping someone, protecting someone, and going about it with such humble grace. His altruism and kindness lasted to the end, and he showed me the importance of leading your  life with good intentions, high ambitions and hard work.

I want to say thank you, my friend, for showing me to live true to myself; for reminding me there are always people worse off who need my support; for believing in my capabilities and talents even before they began to show. He taught me perseverance, determination, hardiness, humility  and – above all – a respect for others. Nothing is ever too much of a dream to be held, and every day if you can do one thing to achieve your goals then it has been a good day.

I am blessed: I may be chronically ill, I may be jobless, I may struggle with humanity from time to time. He showed me if you don’t like something, change it: I can seek medical help, I can find ways to make money, and I can learn to get over my occasional misanthropy. I am fortunate to have the privilege to make these changes in my life. I have people who love me, and I have those I love with all of my heart and being, and for that I am grateful. Whatever the problems may be, I am lucky for my life, and every day I live it for you my friend.

My Raw Heart misses you and loves you.




Rather apt for Valentine’s day…

The next story in the Unlabelled Collection is now available for Kindle. Called Betrayed Hearts, this short story takes a look at her true feelings on her wedding day.

The Valentine’s day release was pure coincidence. Amazon took their time approving it!

Go on, help a penniless writer out and help me buy a pint of milk (next stop: a loaf of bread. Oh, the dizzying heights of writing fame).

You can find it here:

The Wedding (Story excerpt)

Smoothing my hand over the puffy satin skirt, I traced imaginary creases out of the ivory cloth. The net underneath was starting to itch. My stockings were a little too short to meet the suspenders, pulling the white lace tight into my thighs. At least no one could see that through the meringue skirt.
“I want to be a princess, too.” My flower girl Emily pouted, her big brown eyes looking up at me. I stroked her soft hair.
“But you are going to be more than a princess. You’re going to be a fairy.” I laughed as her eyes lit up wide as I reached for the parcel sitting on the grandiose dressing table. I gave it to her. She handled the pink tissue paper like glass, turning the packet around and around.
“What is it?”
“Open it and see. Go on, it’s for you.”
She opened the silver sticking tape with care, trying not to rip the delicate paper. As the layers fell away, her smile glowed, showing perfect white milk teeth in a straight row – except the one which grew wonky on one side and made her top lip bump slightly when her mouth was closed. She lifted out a pair of pink fairy wings, glittery and edged in white fluff.
“Don’t forget your wand!” Cecilia, my maid of honour, danced around in a circle, twirling a star-shaped pink wand around her head. The ribbons on it swirled through the air, framing her porcelain-perfect face. Emily leaped up and grabbed the wand, twirling around in circles as she checked her reflection out in the mirror. “The perfect princess fairy, I would say,” said Cecilia.
I watched as she embraced her daughter, wings and all, and felt the air rush through my ears. How could I be jealous of a little girl?

© Evelyn Rose 2013