Rather apt for Valentine’s day…

The next story in the Unlabelled Collection is now available for Kindle. Called Betrayed Hearts, this short story takes a look at her true feelings on her wedding day.

The Valentine’s day release was pure coincidence. Amazon took their time approving it!

Go on, help a penniless writer out and help me buy a pint of milk (next stop: a loaf of bread. Oh, the dizzying heights of writing fame).

You can find it here:



First ebook available on Kindle now! Free!

Just thought I’d let you all know I’ve just launched the first in the Unlabelled Collection, available exclusively on Kindle. It is also currently FREE for all Kindle Prime users until Monday 18 Feb, so download, share and spread the word!

Make sure to search for Lost: Evelyn Rose Fiction (otherwise a lot of cookery books come up, seems I share a name with a Jewish cookery master… oops). Or follow this link here

There’ll be plenty of these to come, but if you can help me in my first forays into the ebook world (I say book, it’s actually just a short story) I’d be forever grateful…