Writing resolutions…

It’s February. I’m mainlining Skittles and strawberry laces, chugged down with double-bagged tea to really make the caffeine shakes fun. I’m glad I don’t smoke and am not allowed to drink because of my treatment, because I’m fairly sure those resolutions would have been broken already too.

Everyone makes January resolutions with hugely overestimated goals, then wonder (just as I am when I am busy picking all the purple Skittles out to ‘save for last’) what happened to them.

A year is a long time. A resolution looks too far ahead. So, Dear Reader, I propose weekly resolutions. Mine, specifically, will revolve around writing.

As of Monday, I shall:

1) Write a blog at least every other day, and not just a link, a full blown blog.

2) Write at least 500 words on the next story in the Unlabelled Collection.

3) Send those competition entries I keep dallying over as I over-edit and desperately (pointlessly) anticipate the judges’ mood for the day in the future when they read it.

4) Identify two new competitions and plan them.

5) Work on my Twitter skills without getting the RefreshpagenowincaseImisssomethingtotallyimportant crazy face. It’s not pretty.

Clearly you won’t be able to tell whether I manage any of those except the first one. But the first one is fairly important, so I’m going to use that as my benchmark. If I do that one, the others shall follow. What are your writing resolutions?

And to help make sure I stick, I think I’ll have the orange Skittles first. The vitamin C will keep me healthy and my brain alert…