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The copyright bit.

I know how easy it is to stumble across things on the interweb and want to share their brilliance with others. I understand my musings are that brilliant you may wish to share them.

However, law suggests (states, actually) that anything I write on this blog, or in comments related to my blog, are hereby and forevermore my own under copyright. If you would like to use any of my writing, quotes, pictures, or otherwise infographic data as displayed on this website and created by me, you may only do so with express written permission from me. There is a contact email above (see? Right there) or I can be found on Facebook or on Twitter @EvelynRoseFict so there’s no excuse really.

This website does use images I have taken from Google. These images have been sourced specifically as there were multiple sites of origin and their original copyright could not be ascertained. However if there is a problem with any of these images, please do inform me and they shall be removed forthwith as I do not intend in any way to knowingly infringe on copyright. There may also be images uploaded by myself, which will be directly referred to as my own either in the body of the text or as a caption. These images remain my copyright and anyone who wishes to use them for distribution may do so only with my express written permission.

Sorry to get all hard-ass on you like that, but you know how it is. Nobody likes lawyers.


Tell me your thoughts!

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