About Evelyn

Evelyn is a twenty-something fiction writer, born in London and raised in various places across the UK. She has a particular penchant for people on the fringes of society, with a specialism in lesbians (because she is one, not from a voyeuristic point of view. Although…) She becomes increasingly frustrated at the lack of high profile lesbians around in the media. She will often mull over the prime question of ‘where are the lesbians?’ while making her tenth cup of tea of the day. Other tea-making questions will include: ‘Did I put the washing on spin?’ ‘How many people would fit into a London bus before the driver decides to finally stop letting them on?’ and possibly ‘Why do you feel the need to share your very boring inner thoughts with strangers on a blog?’ She is still trying to figure that one out. Answers in an email, please.

As well as an interest in sexuality, gender politics, blending cultural boundaries and the like, she does the normal twenty-something things such as going ‘out out’, staying in and having we’re-so-skint dinner parties (try it – everyone brings an ingredient), trying to find copywriting work to pay the bills, and having an existential crisis when realising soon she won’t be a twenty-something anymore. (This is, in fact, a lie. There are a few more years ahead before this happens. Evelyn likes to plan in advance. It is her downfall, on this matter).

She is always interested in hearing from people, about people and generally will listen to any life story in the hope there is a real story to be told. She consistently has several pieces of unfinished work on the go, and this blog is an attempt to finally tie up some of those stories and launch the fiction writing career she has been too much of a scaredy-cat to do until this point. It was the existential I’m-almost-thirty thoughts that pushed her into action.


Tell me your thoughts!

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