I just did a double take when scrolling down the screen – I have 57 followers on this blog already! Last time I checked it stood solidly around 11 followers – I don’t know what’s changed but hopefully it’s because you’ve been faithfully spreading the word, for which I am most utterly grateful. Thank you all very much for following and I hope you enjoy continuing to read whatever shambles of thoughts come tumbling from my fingers to keyboard.

There are more opportunities to hear the inane chat on Twitter too, so make sure to check out @EvelynRoseFict for daily tweets…

You’re all awesome. Spread the word! xx


One thought on “Awesomesauce!

  1. What’s cute is that, a month later, it now stands at – what seems to me – a whopping 206. You guys have clearly been spreading this word and I love you all for it. Go on, keep telling the world about the weird hermit lesbian writer who can be found residing here 🙂

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